Submit A Tip


The key to the success of Crime Stoppers around the world, and its real foundation, is our guarantee of anonymity (learn more). The "traditional" way to submit a TIP to Crime Stoppers is by phoning the TIPS line:

1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

To ensure the anonymity of tipsters, they are given a code number. Once the "TIPS" information is evaluated, a police investigator is given the information to act upon. If the information is of value and results in an arrest, the seizure of narcotics or stolen property, or the solving of a criminal case, then the details of the crime are brought to the Awards Committee of the Board for an award decision.

The tipster calls back on the TIPS line, identifies him or herself by the code number and is advised to pick up his or her award. All awards are dispensed by a civilian company and no attempt is made to identify the tipster. For example, we do not subscribe to call display or call trace.

With the ever-increasing popularity - and accessibility - of the Internet, there is now a new way to submit a tip... online.

Clicking on link above will take you to a secure Tip Submit site, which will open in a new page. Then with a few clicks of the mouse you can enter your tip information into a form.

Just like call the TIPS line, the online process is completely anonymous. For example, it is suggested right on the form that "you DO NOT print this tip submission form or save it to your computer" and reminds the tipster to "Be sure that you did not give your name above."

Once you have submitted a TIP online, the process described above starts, just as if you had phoned it in.